How to Send Mother’s Day Memories to Mom Across the Country

Mother's Day

Eleven years ago, I got married one week before Mother’s Day. We boarded an airplane in Detroit, Michigan headed for our honeymoon in Antigua. We booked our return flight to New York, NY where we were to begin our lives. Our wedding date is May 3rd and the following Sunday was Mother’s Day.

Being newlyweds back then, it wasn’t unusual to want to take a trip to celebrate your 1-year anniversary and so on. Then the kids came two years after we married. My mother-in-law is usually out of town Mother’s Day as well.

Little did I know that I had pretty much spent my last Mother’s Day with my mom the year before. It wasn’t really on my mind until now. I literally haven’t spent one Mother’s Day with my mother in 11 years.

As many reality show moms/divas would say, I think I’m starting to get all in my feelings about this. Now, we have traveled to visit them for Memorial Day which is just weeks away, but this isn’t quite the same.

Moving away from family has it’s good and bad points. The good is that you don’t always have family coming over whenever they want. The bad is that you don’t always have family coming over whenever they want.

Below are a few tips I thought of to show mom you care if you can’t be with her on Mother’s Day. These tips also work if you have children but don’t have warm fuzzies for your mom or mother-in-law. I won’t tell.

3 Ways To Show Mom You Care From Afar


Send mom flowers or candy from a local florist
Most people think you can only order flowers from one of these 1-800 Flowers or FTD places. It’s actually cheaper if you call a local florist. Another savings tip is to have them deliver the bouquet the day BEFORE Mother’s Day.

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Skype or Oovo Mom on Mother’s Day
There’s nothing more exciting for my kids than to speak with their grandparents on the computer. We didn’t have this luxury when we were kids, but that’s how things are these days. My kids know how to use these programs and really don’t need my permission. Who’s going to say no to a kid who wants to call grandma?

Send a video recording
Surprise her with a special morning Mother’s Day message via video. These days, you can text, email, or post it on social media for just her eyes or for everyone to see how much she’s loved. I personally have a YouTube channel JUST for family because our videos are too large to text or email to her. Try it out!

How else can you show mom your love from a distance?

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