A Stay At Home Mom’s Plan to Getting Back to Life at 42


My birthday is fast approaching and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m grateful that I have been so blessed to reach the age of 42, married with two children along with a supportive family. I have no complaints there at all.
But my professional life took a turn when I left Corporate America nearly 8 years ago.

I returned to work 4 months after giving birth to my daughter. I continued to work for the next 6 months and then it happened. I did not willingly decide to become a SAHM. It just happened. Sparing you the exact details of my departure, my manager at the time decided that he no longer wanted a…well, his exact words were he wanted someone who did not have a life to work for him. I could have stayed in the department in a lesser capacity, but I don’t roll like that. I am worth more than he could see so I resigned. I continued to seek employment for a short while and then threw myself into being a SAHM.


Now that I have an 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son in school full time, I have found myself trying to figure out how to get back into the swing of things. Let me share that I have never been a real SAHM where all I do is care solely for the children. I negotiated a part-time Nanny and a BlackBerry at the time of my resignation. I wanted to stay in touch with coworkers. The real world. I had things to do. I wanted to stay relevant. I still needed me time.

What I Don’t Want

I continued working on my non-profit, and became the Executive Director for the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Program. Now that the pageant life is behind me and I have simply had enough of that world, I found my way into blogging which I love, but it is time consuming.

I am learning to become selective at what I post, campaigns I participate in and limit giveaways. I am learning that everyone is not as supportive in this Blogging world as you may think. I too was a little snotty when folks began telling me that they began blogging because of me and then began stealing my content, ideas, etc.

I think about walking away from this blog. Often. But emails come in saying how much it is appreciated. Darn!
Thinking with a clear head, I am finding that my passion for Public Relations has returned. After working for a museum in Michigan for five years, I left that industry once I moved to NYC. That was probably a bad decision, but everything happens for a reason.

With Age Comes Clarity

As I raise an 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy and embrace life in the 40s, I love to celebrate women, specifically mothers, our triumphs after struggles, the day-to-day, etc. I love how we find a way and make it work for us, our families, our communities.

I am pretty close to knowing how I want to live out the rest of my days, but am struggling a little on transitioning from the SAHM world into the working world (home or outside of the home) and making it work for me.

How She Does It Series

I am beginning a new series on this blog with a working title, “How She Does It” because frankly, don’t you want to know how other moms make work, family, relationships, and me time work? A few of the questions I have are:

What was the transition like?
What steps did you take to return to the working world?
What changes did she have to make? What worked and what did not?
How is life after the transition?

I know it’s possible, but I am having a hard time seeing how it can all work without me losing the rest of my hair, becoming overly stressed, and having a disorganized home life. But, I know it’s possible. Isn’t it?

To be considered a part of this ongoing series, please fill out this online form.

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  1. Erica Cadet says

    Wohooo Kim!!!
    You can do it, you have been working several jobs at the moment.
    I would suggest you invest in getting your resume ready for your career
    Journey to continue in Public Relations. If that is your passion definately seek to do
    What you enjoy…my model is….if you do what you are passionate about and you enjoy it, you wont look at it as work
    Just enjoyment with a nice paycheck attached. So after a few years out of Corporate look to jump right back in. Get your resume looking stellar and then hit up the major head hunters and recruiters, God will take care of the rest, he knows the desires of your heart and he seen your sacrafice to be with your little ones. No matter what don’t settle and only take a position which you are happy with the salary, hours, and benefits because this is your choice and your destiny. Be blessed, enjoy the journey and keep me posted on the new gig! Smooches! Xoxo