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Eric Carle PJs at Gymboree

Don’t you just love Eric Carle books, art, and everything else that Erica Carle is about?  As I was searching through my inbox, I came across […]

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Ohio born, raising two very opinionated New Yorkers, a charming little boy, 6 and a curious big girl, 8, just minutes from NYC. Not quite the cool mom, but definitely not Tiger Mom. Interested in working together? Email me at ValleyStreamMom@gmail.com. Let's chat!

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#Sponsored: Chocolate Tasting Dr. Cocoa™ Helps Parents Fight the Cold, Not the Child #DrCocoaReliefWithASmile


Giving kids cough syrup is always a chore I never want.  Regardless of the cherry or grape flavoring, it’s simply gross.  But this time, I had Dr. Cocoa™ on standby for this very moment. Tis the season for hacking, coughing, sneezing and snotting and my kid’s are no different.  It came a little late this year, […]

My Favorite “Mom Friendly” Pieces From the Chic & Affordable Nic + Zoe Collection


After attending this Lord & Taylor Blogger lucheon with Fendi, I was also introduced to a brand new designer.  She unveiled her current collection at the Shop for Good event at the Manhassat location, but I was unfortunately unable to stay for her show.  Darn!  However, I did thumb through her look book and fell […]